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Sdinfo.de offers information about

◊ events, e.g. special dances, classes, graduation etc. in the center part of Germany  (not too far from Frankfurt/Main) 
◊ flyer of dance events
◊ web links to all German Square Dance Clubs (not only Rhein-Main area) together with email contact. 
◊ details (contact, dance location, details clubnight) of local Square Dance Clubs in Hessen and Nordrhein-Westfalen (states -Bundesland- of Germany) - also Round Dance Clubs and Clogging Clubs - 

All these pages are frequently updated. 

This page is by definition a page for local square dance events in Germany. Translation does not make sense in most cases.
The tables and lists are more or less self explaining

Click the tabs above. Here just a translation of the tabs:

◊ Terminliste = Timetable of dance events with full details
◊ Terminkalender = event calendar for next 6 months
◊ Clublinks = weblinks to German clubs and email addresses
◊ NRW-Tanz = separate page about Square Dance in "Nordrhein-Westfalen" (state of Germany)
◊ Flyer = need translation ? Just ask !
◊ Clublisten = Links to a few lists, e.g. new clubs in Germany, clubs in Hessen, clogging clubs. Text only in German
◊ Platzhalter = empty tab. Just space for an additional page
◊ News = separate site. Local changes / events / news. Sorry, text only in German 

Information in addition to above tabs:
Dance-events PDF Format Terminkalender in pdf abrufen
calendar in PDF  
Kalender zum Ausdrucken in pdf
Terminliste in pdf abrufen
timetable in PDF
Terminliste zum Ausdrucken in pdf
files updated: compare German page for actual date
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Darmstompers Homepage
Service only in German: 
Squaredance Dictionary
Service: downloads Download  ClogAmp, MP3 Player for Clogging & Square Dance, with adjustable speed, by 
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